Advantages of our system:

  • Self-ContainedDoesn't look like a hydroponics system. Our systems can be custom built with any look you desire, we can match the look of your house by covering the system with vinyl, tile, wood siding, rocks, bricks or anything else you can think of.
  • SimplicityOur system is completely plug and play. It comes pre assembled and all you have to do is fill the nutrient tank (connect your garden hose to the system and the tank will fill itself to the maximum run level; this also has the added benefit that when the plants feed, the fluid is replaced and your nutrients will stay diluted and not harm your plants.), let the system run to permeate your growing medium, add your nutrients, and your ready to plant. Unlike other systems on the market there is no need to start your plants in grow cups and transplant them. Just plant from seeds as you would in a ground garden. Another advantage of our system is that you do not have to pull your plants to trim the roots, this allows your plants to become much larger when compared to any other system on the market. Please take a look at our gallery for a example of what our systems are capable of.
  • VersatilityWith our system you can plant more plants per square foot than any other system; this is accomplished because you are not forced to plant in predetermined areas like grow cups, allowing the entire surface of your garden to be utilized. Our system also accommodates all sizes of plants and trees as the water level can be adjusted to meet the plants specific needs. You can also plant tuberous type plants such as potato's and carrots. Unlike many other systems on the market you can take advantage of plant support as you would in a ground garden, this allows you to grow much larger plants than would normally be possible in a hydroponics system.
  • Efficiency and MobilityUsing our system plants will live for days without a power source. (Large plants such as trees and fruiting plants must be watered and can be watered by hand if the need arises.) Our systems can also have an optional battery backup with an electric or solar charging system installed. Another option on our system are the addition of wheels. Making the gardens portable offers several benefits; when there is a threat of severe weather like high winds, hail, and frost you can move your garden in doors to protect your plants. Being mobile also permits you to move your system around the yard to compensate for the changing seasons and ensure your garden is always getting the sunlight it needs.
  • Ebb & Flow (Flood & Drain)Our system works by temporarily flooding the grow tray with nutrient solution, and then draining the solution back into the reservoir. This is done with a submerged pump. This type of system is very versatile with different types of growing media.
  • PropagationThis type of system is made for cuttings taken from already grown healthy plants. Water is pumped into the medium to ensure newly formed roots on cuttings are properly nourished. Once plants have developed strong enough roots, they need to be transplanted into a different type of growing system. In this system, they don't need to be transplanted. Ideal for any type of plant in which cuttings can be taken.
  • Rooftop GardensUsing this system and perlite, you don't need to make penetrations in a roof for a rooftop gardens. You can make each garden self-contained. Perlite is lighter than rock or sand.

Who would use this system:

  • Restaurants
  • Retirement communities
  • Educational facilities
  • Drought areas
  • Emergency/disaster areas
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Apartment dwellers
  • Anyone concerned about the pesticides and chemicals in their vegetables
  • Home gardeners
  • Growers (flowers, plants, etc.)
  • Those who have a difficult time growing quality plants

Introducing the Square Foot Hydroponics Gardening System


Most ebb and flow hydroponic systems have little grow cups or predetermined places to grow your plants. Once mature these plants in cups must be pulled up and the roots must be trimmed. In addition these plants must be supported with wires/ropes and clips. Our systems does not have any restrictions on where you put your seeds or plants. Therefore, more plants can be planted per sq. ft.


Once planted, the plants never have to be pulled and the roots do not need to be trimmed; also with a built in support system, the plants can be supported with conventional ground supports. In addition these gardens can be made portable and can be moved indoors at any time when there is a threat of severe weather like high winds, hail, and frost. This also allows you to move your system around your yard to compensate for the changing seasons and ensure your garden is always getting the sunlight it needs. They are highly beneficial for elderly gardeners and back pain sufferers who find it difficult to bend down to attend to the plants.


Our hydroponic gardens are readily available and can be custom built with all the necessary instructions to operate a hydroponic garden. The structure will be made of wood and can be covered with vinyl, tile, and wood siding, rocks, bricks, or any other material you desire. Our hydroponic systems are perfect for kitchen and home gardening. Restaurants can also ensure safe and insecticide or pesticide free products are readily available for cooking.



At this time we are only offering the Square Foot Hydroponics Gardening System to Central Florida.


Please call to place an order and to hear more details:

James Poore

(863) 812-8784



Square Foot Hydroponic Gardens

Garden2Hydroponic gardens allow you to plant in a non-soil growing medium, such as perlite, and often produce larger and higher yielding plants faster than soil-based gardens. Hydroponic gardens allow you to know the quality of the food you feed to your family, friends and customers.


Square foot hydroponic gardens are self-contained growing systems that provide a reliable method for circulating oxygen and nutrients to the roots of your plants. By using the Square Foot Hydroponics Gardening System, your plants will flourish!